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Feeling green? Treat yourself to a special

For Some Prom Beauty Ideas, Right Here!

Ruched Braided Up Style
Combat Oily Skin
Prom Perfect Nails
Ideas for Awesome Makeup  Looks

Products Used For This Updo: 

 Styling~ Up All Night Foam
Texturizing~ Detailing Crème
Finishing Spray~ Firm and Fabulous
Shine~ Biomega Glow

Do you have challenges with oily skin?

Does your makeup slide off after a few hours?

For long lasting makeup fallow two simple steps..

Before applying foundation, blot your skin with Rice Paper, Sally’s Beauty Supply has this product

Next, apply foundation and blush. Then go over your face with Rice Powder, found at Sally’s Beauty Supply.

Use a large powder makeup brush for the best application.

Next, have a great time at prom knowing your makeup will look great all night long!

Matt Lips and a very strong eye with strip lashes and eye shadow contouring. Its the in look right now for formal events.

Nail Art!!!

Crystals, glitter and more for unique designs, its almost like an accessory.

Why not try something different for Prom, something that will add to your overall look.

Wishing all of you a great Prom evening, have fun and be safe.