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Most Popular Summer Shoes 2015

Seeing lots of ankle straps on flats and many other styles of shoes. A very popular look this Summer

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5 Easy Summer Beauty Tricks for Waterproof Hair, Nails, and Makeup

Hair Tricks: Dig out your headbands.
Summer Hair Trick: Do the twist.
Summer Makeup Trick: Seal brows against sweat w/Sumta brow sealer
Summer Makeup Trick: Play with water-friendly eyeshadow.
Summer Hair Trick: Finally try Aquage Dry shampoo.

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Coconut Oil and Your Hair

I hear clients  telling their stylist they are putting straight Coconut Oil on their hair?
The Truth about using CoConut Oil (the kind you eat) on your hair.
The molecular weight is much larger in CoConut Oil you eat.
It will not penetrate into the outer layer of hair,
called the Cuticle. Think of shingles on a roof, that’s what the Cuticle looks like.
What you get is a greasy mess, thats difficult to shampoo out, zero benefits for the hair.
It might feel silky, after a few more shampoos, howevere your hair is right back to where you started, dry.
Aquage/Biomega Shampoos and Conditioners are infused with Coconut Oil
Mango Seed Butter,  Macadamia Nut Oil, and Noni Seed Oil.
Rich in Omega 3 and 6 Plant oils that absorb quickly into the hair fibers
To deliver mega hydration and a soft, smooth shine.
And the molecular weight is small and light, meaning it will penetrate into the
Cuticle layer of hair as a result increasing the lipid index.

Aquage Up do Demos I did in March for Stylist in and around the Atlanta area
For  more styling tips see