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New Service! Silk Degrees Shine Treatment Summer Fashions

New Service! Silk Degrees Shine Treatment

Summer Fashions   

Dry Hair, Flaky/ Oily Scalp and Fading Color?

Pravana ~ Silk Degrees Shine Treatment

Silk Degrees is a new service that is now available here in the studio. It is a deep rooted long lasting Sea Botanical shine treatment that will last 7-10 shampoos.  Due to the synergy bonding keratin and amino proteins, it will even out hairs porosity meaning your color will have tons of shine and less fading during summer months.

First time Service $29  (Reg. Service is $35 )
Extra long thick hair is additional $10

****Special Offer ends August 8th

Allow 30mins additional time for this service

Summer Fashion Easy Wear Beautiful Colors



The Answer for Dry Hair, Flaky/ Oily Scalp and Fading Color

If you have any of theses hair issues 99% of the time it is caused from harsh chemicals found in shampoos, conditioners, styling products and finishing sprays. Cheaper products have harsh chemicals.  

Sometimes too much iron, chlorine or hard water can contribute to this.  Checking your water is a good idea.  

Not all professional products contain uv protection, sea and plant botanicals or antioxidants that protect hair/scalp from environmental and thermal damage. Many professional products will not restore, nurture, hydrate strengthen and protect hair.  

Time and time again, when a client switches to a high quality professional products,  Aquage/Biomega all those hair and scalp issues resolve themselves. I have seen this happen time and time again.

If you are one of those who is sick and tired of being sick and tired of having Hair Color Fading, Flaky/Oily Scalp and Dry Ends give Aquage /Biomega a try.

You will pay more up front, but again you don’t have to purchase it as often as cheaper products. Its like  buying  a $200 pair of shoes versus a $30 pair of shoes. The $200 dollar ones last longer,  feels better and look better over a longer peroid of time.    

Your hair is an accessory, hair color is an investment. The return on your investment is healthy hair and scalp, predictable and consistent results.