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wedding hair styles atlanta

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair | Wedding HairStylest Atlanta

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair | Wedding Hair Styles Short Hair | Wedding Hair Updos Atlanta


Congratulations on your wedding!

You are one step away from receiving professional assistance in looking spectacular during this important moment in your life.

Investing some extra effort and planning for your wedding makeup and hair will help you enjoy a satisfying wedding day experience and produce lasting photos, videos and memories for the many happy years to come.


Before you hire us, we recommend a bridal hair trial and makeup trial plus consultation 2-3 months before your date. During a consultation, Maria will meet with you in person and discuss the look you have in mind for your wedding day. She will offer some suggestions and recommendations from her professional point of view, working together until the perfect look is achieved.

During a trial session, we will go beyond just talking, but actually do the exact hair and makeup look we discussed during consultation. You will have a very accurate idea of the look you have dreamed of and peace of mind on the big day.

Detailed notes and images are taken and attached to your event agreement.

Again, it is best to schedule your trial session within 2 to 3 months before your wedding day. Brides who do the trial session too early often end up changing their looks several times over. On top of having to pay more for the extra trial sessions, you could easily end up choosing to settle for a look that is not the best for you.

We recommend that you schedule your trial session with us on the same day as one of your dress fittings. If you can get the whole picture; why not?

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair | Wedding Hair Styles Short Hair | Wedding Hair Updos Atlanta

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair | Wedding Hair Stylist Atlanta

Other great opportunities to schedule a trial session are the day of your engagement photo shoot or your bridal shower. You can preview your wedding makeup and hair in action and in pictures which will allow you to decide on any changes you wish to make to your look before the big day arrives.

The average trial session for both makeup and hair can take between 2-3 hours. It is helpful to do a little homework before hand to provide your her with some inspiration photos. These images will most effectively communicate what you want and save a lot of time.

Please bring along all the accessories that you will wear on your neck and above (tiara, veil, earrings, necklace and other accessories). It is also a great idea to wear a white top that has neckline similar to that of your wedding dress. 

Your hair should be clean and completely dry. This way, it will be easier for us to style and switch between different looks if necessary.. On the night before, use a gentle exfoliate on your skin and lips. The smoother your skin, the better your makeup.


Wedding Services In Salon

Bridal Hair Trials

Bridal Hair $120

Bridal Makeup Trial $65 (eyelashes not included)

Wedding Day Hair

Bridal Hair $120

Bridal Makeup  $65 (eyelashes included)

Bridesmaids Hair  $70

Bridesmaids Makeup $55

**To reserve your date, we require a 50% deposit along with a signed Event Agreement form

Mobile Wedding Hair Makeup Services – On Location 

Wedding Day 

Bridal Hair $130

Bridal Makeup $75 (includes strip lashes)

Bridesmaids Hair $80

Bridesmaids Makeup $60

​Serving Atlanta and  the Surrounding Metro Area

***A minimum of $800.00 in services at your location.
***Driving fees might apply.
***All parking fees are paid for by bride
***Sunday weddings are available for a 10% up charge over reg. service charges


Please fill out the form completely. I will also have a better idea of your wants and needs. If I need to contact you for more information, it will be nice to have that information.

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Do you have short, med or long hair?
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What special challenges do you have with your hair, to limp, to thick to curly, to frizzy, lacks shine?

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Atlanta Hair Styles | Long Hair Styles | Short Hair Styles Atlanta

Atlanta Hair Styles | Long Hair Styles | Short Hair Styles Atlanta

Having your hair professionally blown out and styled is always the best.


There are 5 steps to creating professional hair styles:

Prepping the Hair:

Picking just the right Aquage/Biomega Shampoo and Conditioner specific to your hairs needs.


If your hair is fine, med. or thick wavy will determine just the right Aquage /Biomega Styling product.


If you want smooth, messy, organic or sleek shine,we have just the right product in the entire Aquage/Biomega texture line.

Thermal Styling:

Beyond Shine, Beyond Body or Working Spray 3 unique thermal styling products by Aquage that we use to protect, curl or straighten your style.


Aquage Finishing Spray, Freeze Spray, Transforming Spray, Biomega Glow and Firm & Fabulous. Each one is designed with a specific benefit in mind for your style.

Maria will choose the best one for your hair

Atlanta Hair Styles | Long Hair Styles | Short Hair Styles Atlanta


All Blowout Hair Styles:

include shampoo, conditioning, prepping BioIonic Blowout Flat iron or curling iron.


BioIonic Blowout Only: $45

BioIonic Blowout with Flat or Curling Iron and hair design: $75

*** High School students

BioIonic Blowout with Flat or Curling Iron and hair design: $65


Long Hair Styles


Offering all types of Blowout Hair Style services.

  • Bouncy and Polished
  • Sculpted Waves
  • Straight Up and Smooth
  • Beachy Wavy
  • Organic Chignon
  • Smooth Chignon
  • Braid Chignon
  • Simple Loose Floppy Wave,Hippie Chic
  • Polished,pulled back with volume in the crown
  • Big high bun
  • Big bouncy curls
  • Very shiny glossy curls
  • Vintage Victory roll

Short Hair Styles