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Maria’s 5 min Holiday Hair Style

Headband Trend

Solving Static in Hair with Detailing Creme

Fashion for Everyone Winter 2015

Headband Trend

After attending the Hair Show in Birmingham, it was clear that headbands are a trend! A vast assortment of shapes and colors where abound.
All the vendors had headbands with beads, rhinestones, metallic embellishment, ribbon flowers and crochet.


 Solving Static in Hair Aquage Detailing Creme

The heat is now on in our homes and places of work.

This is the time of year for flyaway hair and static!

My clients come in with it and there is one magic product that takes it away, and that is Detailing Creme. It’s a very light texturizer,
that smoothes hair surface, eliminates flyaways, and adds shine and a light hold to your style.

Detailing Creme can be used on all textures of hair. If you curl your hair it will give strand definition for a magazine look, but without the weight.

Detailing Creme 4oz $21.00  


Fashion for Everyone Winter 2015  

Here are some cool fun looks for winter 2015.
What I like about all of this is everyone no matter your size or height can wear this organic, yet so put together look.  

Not something I see in every trend that comes around yeah, finally a real look for real women out here!!


NEW !! Volumizing Fix Hair Spray 

As educators we get to try the new products before they are launched to consumer.
I am loving Volumizing Fix Hair Spray! Its easy to achieve that organic, carefree magazine looking hair!!
Its like a curling iron in a can.
You have to see to believe

Long lasting touchable hold with a fresh feel Instant fullness locks out heat and humidity, blocks frizz.